Venture Capital Analyst


As a part of the Seven Seven Six investment team, the Analyst will play a critical role in all aspects of our small firm. This role will support the efforts of the larger partnership, having an opportunity to learn the VC ropes with a seasoned operating team. The bulk of this role involves industry analysis, investment due diligence, direct portfolio support, and helping contribute to the growth of the firm. We are seeking an Analyst who is obsessed with constantly learning and asking the right questions, lives for operational efficiency, has strong financial acumen & analytical frameworks, and a deep curiosity about venture, tech, and startups.

Job Expectations

Your job every morning when you wake up is to help our partnership as much as possible to ensure that we can focus on best supporting our founders. Second, it’s to support our portfolio founders as much as possible. It starts and stops with our founders.

This job IS:

✅ To be helpful and learn along the way.

To support the deal team across every step of the process — from high-level team discussion to digging deep into data & research during diligence.

Constantly seeking creative, efficient ways to support our founders, LPs, and 776 as a startup.

Partnering with multiple stakeholders — and genuinely enjoying the collaborative experience.

This job is NOT:

❌ Deal sourcing. We’ve been fortunate enough to have more dealflow than we can manage. We want you to support our partnership in assessing the inbound and helping the Seven Seven Six portfolio find competitive advantages.

❌ Politics, ass-kissing, or ‘learning the job’ because you want to impress someone with your VC gig. High impact team members don’t have time to play games and prefer to let their results and behaviors speak for themselves.

❌ Siloed. The Analyst role will work across the entire firm, portfolio, and with external partners, integrating processes and frameworks that set all players up for success. 

 Table Stakes:

  • First off, you’re here to win. Do not apply for this job if you’re not prepared to be challenged to be your best. We have high expectations of ourselves and of our team members. We commit to helping you achieve your best work in a supportive, growth-oriented environment. This works best if you show up genuinely eager for this journey together.

  • This role, like all roles at the firm, will have a good deal of autonomy. We’re a remote-first team and have designed our culture for a balance of synchronous and asynchronous work with people operating from all over the world at any given time. We expect you to be a responsible adult who is driven and enjoys hitting (and exceeding) goals set for them. We commit to equipping you with the tools and resources you need to be successful along the way. It’s then your job to make it so.

  • We value a healthy work-life integration and want to proactively acknowledge that there will be last minute demands that will require your flexibility. We are, after all, still a very young company with some seriously big goals. We’ll do our best to keep reasonable boundaries and, when those inevitable moments of unexpected asks arrive, we promise to express gratitude and find balance in other ways.

  • We are committed to hiring a diverse team and building an inclusive, equitable culture.

Please also:

    • have a genuine passion for problem-solving
    • be service-orientated and compassionate
    • possess excellent, inclusive communication skills
    • be aware that humility and confidence do not have to be mutually exclusive
    • choose to bring your unique perspective to conversations
    • know that your experience and worldview matter
    • don’t be an asshole

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Financial and Strategic Competitive Analysis
    • Incorporate both financial performance and potential strategic value for the firm into diligence, reporting and monitoring activities
    • Due diligence. Lots of due diligence.
    • Conducting research into new markets & technologies
    • Processing market valuation data
    • Writing investment memos

  • Portfolio Company Support
    • Working with leadership teams to help optimize their businesses.
  • Portfolio Monitoring
    • Monitor current investments and portfolio performance via KPI tracking, risk assessments, pipeline activity etc.
  • Data, Data, Data
    • Support the management of our data sources and regular reporting through our proprietary software Cerebro and other tools
  • Reporting
    • Tracking and creating reports for overall fund performance

Qualifications & Skills:

  • You are comfortable handling & drawing conclusions from data and building basic models. You are familiar with company financials & market analysis. Getting Excel to do tricky calculations is something you find exhilarating and are eager to share with others.
  • You have excellent quantitative and qualitative analytical skills and enjoy using those skills to solve complex problems. Detail oriented is an understatement.
  • You are a voracious internet reader, life-long learner, and naturally explore new markets and technologies.
  • You have an enthusiasm for software and consumer products — both in using them and in understanding their importance in our collective futures.
  • With enough research, you can develop a point of view on market and cultural trends. With enough debate, you are capable of changing that point of view.
  • Openness to learn from diverse perspectives and collaborate on multidisciplinary teams.
  • You love startups and starting up. You are comfortable taking on new tasks or projects with little direction and adjusting course in response to feedback and information.

Compensation & Benefits

💸  This role will receive an annual salary of $105,000 with an annual bonus of up to 20% of the base salary, regardless of US location. The annual bonus is discretionary and based on firm performance, as well as individual performance.

⚕100% paid employee and dependent healthcare premiums

🏠 Work from anywhere in the United States

💕 Generous & inclusive leave policies

🕓 Flexible work hours and PTO

📱 Monthly cell phone and internet stipend

💪 Monthly wellness stipend

📚 Supportive culture designed to help you develop and grow

🎁 A host of unique perks and fringe benefits

Other Things of Note:

  • We welcome applications with a wide range of years of experience and backgrounds. We don’t believe in one right path or mold for the role. Years of experience (in or out of the industry), however, will not impact the compensation package. We do not negotiate compensation.
  • This role is remote and US based. Compensation at this stage in our firm’s life cycle is not based on geographic location. This may change in the future.
  • We encourage anyone to apply that may be interested, even if you feel you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications above. We’d like to account for the fact that we may have overlooked, under-counted, or over-indexed on some of these requirements.

That’s it. We don’t care where you went to college—or even if you did. We don’t want your resume or a cover letter. It doesn’t matter who you know. We care about what you can do to help us achieve outsized returns and maintain our values along the way.

Apply For This Role:

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About Us

Seven Seven Six is a technology company that deploys venture capital. We are a thesis and stage agnostic, software-enabled VC firm that partners with exceptional founders. We believe people, culture, and community are core to producing outsized returns. Our portfolio companies are focused on building the businesses that will positively impact our world for generations to come. Founded by Alexis Ohanian in September 2020 alongside investing partner Katelin Holloway, the firm currently manages assets totaling more than $750M, and is a fully remote US-based organization. 

We are an equal opportunity employer that deeply values a diverse community — from our Limited Partners, to our firm, and our founder community. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, ability status, family or parental status, or age.

Seven Seven Six prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind. We are committed to providing employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. We translate this policy to all aspects of employment including recruitment, hiring, promotions, performance management, terminations, wage and salary administration, benefits, and training.