Talent Outcomes Team

People and culture are at the core of what we do here at Seven Seven Six. From our founders and their teams, to our investors and the communities they support, to the very first folks that have chosen to work with us here at the firm – nothing is more important to us than the humans working hard to make change in this world. We’re doubling down on this commitment and establishing a team to empower each community in their effort to build thriving, sustainable, and inclusive organizations.

The Talent Outcomes team is a critical function that will support our portfolio companies with HR, talent acquisition, DEIB efforts, and culture development strategy.

We’re trying something new out here. Instead of posting individual job reqs for each role on the team, we’re posting a general application. We know how to build this team. We also know the world of work isn’t what it was even a year ago. People seek flexibility, growth opportunities, and impact. Because this is a new function at the firm with many configuration possibilities, we decided to cast the widest possible net. For applicants, this is an opportunity to build a role around what you love to do, what you want your future to be, and the impact you want to have on the industry. For us at Seven Seven Six, this is the perfect opportunity for us to try a new approach to recruiting and share the learnings – for better or worse! 

We genuinely hope to meet candidates from all walks of life, every stage of career, and from multiple industries through this application process to join our core team.